Residential Restoration

Residential Restoration in Howell

At R&R 360 Construction Services, we understand that home damage can be a traumatic and disruptive experience. That’s why we work around the clock to make sure you never have to suffer in your own home.

As a full-service residential restoration and repair company, we have the skills and expertise to handle a wide range of damage types, including water, fire, and mold. Our team of highly trained technicians is ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice, helping to minimize property loss and get your home back to its pre-damage condition as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency situation or just need some routine maintenance and repairs, you can count on R&R 360 Construction Services to get the job done right.

We Provide Damage Restoratoin Services


Flooded Basements

When it comes to water damage, safety should always be your top priority. At our company, we will first assess whether it is safe for you to remain in your home. We will also take care to ensure that there are no electrical hazards present. Your well-being and safety are our main concerns.


Mold Remediation

At our R&R 360, we understand the serious health risks that can arise from large amounts of mold. That's why we take the necessary steps to identify the source of the mold and bacteria, and remove any affected property to prevent further spread. Rest assured, we have the expertise and experience to effectively handle any mold-related issues and ensure the safety and well-being of your home.


Storm Damage

Homeowners often face weather-related issues throughout the year. Storms, in particular, can cause significant damage to homes, depending on the age of the structure and the materials used in its construction.

Water mitigation

Water Removal

Our team is dedicated to saving you time, money, and your valuable possessions. We will carefully remove your belongings and begin the process of repairing any damages as quickly as possible. By working efficiently, we can help you get your life back on track as soon as possible.


Carpet & Hardwood Cleaning

At our company, we prioritize the use of advanced cleaning methods to bring your floors back to their original, sparkling condition. In addition to providing a visually appealing finish, our services also create a healthy and safe environment for you and your loved ones. Trust us to utilize the most effective techniques in the industry to restore the beauty and cleanliness of your floors.


Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can pose a significant safety risk. When moisture accumulates in the structure of a building, it can create the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and increase the likelihood of cave-ins. It is important to address roof leaks promptly to prevent these potential hazards.


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